An Atapotan Fox's typical views of the other races.

  • Bears: The Bears are not to be trusted, but they are too dangerous to continue treating them as enemies.

  • Crocodiles: We do not worry about Crocodiles. They are too far away to be a bother.

  • Eagles: They make great allies in this time of uncertainty. Perhaps better than even the Bears could ever make.

  • Hares: As the Hares have always been loyal to the High Warden and are right on our doorstep, if we don't do things right, they may become our enemies as well.

  • Monkeys: Those Monkeys think us too weak and too inconvenient to attack us. We hope to keep it that way.

  • Otters: They meddle in thing they do not understand. It will lead to their demise.

  • Panthers: The Panthers' leader and the High Warden have a deal. Until we know what it is, we can never trust them.

  • Rats: We know the Rats are everyone's enemies and are not to be trusted, and yet everyone trusts them. Everyone else is a fool, but we will not be such.

  • Turtles: They have done their job, and they continue to do so. We count them among our allies.

  • Vipers: The Vipers' loyalties are not as obvious as some think. That will only be to our benefit.

  • Wolves: They are predictable. Wolves are fickle. We do not understand them.


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