• Bears: They have always been neutral. We have not done anything to offend the bears, and during the late Great Bear Empire, we were second in command.

  • Crocodiles: There has always been some give and take of land with the crocodile. They would encroach on our land and eat the eggs of our young. While they've not been caught poaching eggs for two greater cycles, we still do not trust them.

  • Fox: Fox relations have always been stressed at best, and slaughterous at worst. Unlike the bears who treated us well, under the charge of foxes, we were worked long hours on guard duty with little food or sleep. Failure to spot anything of importance often resulted in death. It was a grim time for us.

  • Hares: We try not to judge the hares so harshly. They became to the foxes what we were to the bears. Some of us still live wearing scars from the mistreatment, and we do not forgive easily.

  • Monkeys: They are constantly trying to claim our northern forest. They are insane creatures that need to be disposed of, but it is nearly impossible to do so.

  • Otters: What are these weird creatures? We know little of the otters, and we don't have reason to talk to them. Other races claim they are harbingers of doom and it is they who caused the sky to go black. What is the answer?

  • Panthers: They are great diplomats, crafters, and traders. Once our greatest enemy, hunting us everywhere. While they have given up such practices, their very names keep the memories alive.

  • Rats: They are everywhere, but they are useful pests. We cannot learn as many secrets without them, yet maybe we would be better off if we didn't find out.

  • Turtles: They are hermits that travel in large groups. They're antisocial, and their thick shells are appropriate for their thick xenophobia. We don't even try to talk with them; it's pointless.

  • Vipers: Friend, foe, on and off again, when will it end? There are too many bad vipers, and just one good leader can't fix it all. Other races say the foxes are capricious, but in reality it's the vipers.

  • Wolves: They follow the motto “Law is Life”. It has been a good thing lately. In the past, that law caused them to hunt us down to near extinction. They need to learn that wisdom is better than law.


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