Balgolia's capital is named after a leagendary brute who laid down his maul at Fort Tears. His aim had been to bring the races together. He had succeeded in bringing about the Age of Truce by paying the ultimate price: his life. Only since the Great Purging have the crocodiles once again known freedom. Their lore and knowledge since lost to time, their channelers and buffers have attempted to follow practices only passed down by word-of-maw, but it doesn't take a crafty panther to see they are only imitating, and hoping to regain some semblance of who they once were.

The great marsh at the mouth of the River Hector is home to most of the crocodile clans and the small burrows they dwell in. The entire land feels cursed, wet, dark, and cold. Balgolia claims only one city, Gimin. Constructed by crocodilian allies during the Age of Truce, it keeps the marsh out with stones imported from southern Hellota. It is guarded by young soldiers who still don't quite fit into the heavy shell mail issued by Grumgin, Captain of the Watch. There is one other location of note in this forsaken land: Fort Tears. The real reason for its name has been lost to time, though it is known it was built by the bears before the southern sky grew black.


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