Bear - The Bears are great. They’d be useful tools if only they were a little dumber.

Crocodile - That’s the ugliest Otter I’ve ever seen. Crocodiles are very strong, but they don’t defend their swamps. No wonder the Bears conquered them.

Eagle - They are fun to play with. They fiercely defend their territories, but they really don’t win fights.

Foxes - It’s no fun to pick on a weak target like them.

Hares - If Hares could teach us how to survive without food like they do, we’d be unstoppable.

Otters - What’s an Otter going to do to me? Nothing, that’s what. Otters have guts, they just need to put it to use like we do.

Panther - The Panthers would be a good ally in the coming War, but they’re so busy with the Spawning Grounds, we don’t train with them. So boring.

Rats - We’d kill them all, but then everyone would hate us and then kill us, but after the War....

Turtles - Boring, odd, and just a waste of time to even think about.

Vipers - They are great. They have great stories and shinies. We could teach them how to be great fighters, but the Great War’s coming, and we can’t fix their training in the time we have.