Baron Kizhath of the Spawning Grounds is the youngest because of the dangers in that region. The Panthers are only there for its richness in shards. There are more shards in the Spawning Grounds than in most of the Twelve Moons, but it costs a great deal to guard it from the bizarre creatures that appear there. The Panthers support the cost of an army both for the small profit they earn and to keep the creatures from spreading. They have not received any help from the other races with this task because they have not helped with any other major conflict since being conquered by the High Warden.


Zilon is the region with the most trading in all of Vinakaru. The Panthers in this region do not care who you serve, but if it's the High Warden, they expect you to not voice it; this is how they keep peace. When traveling off the main roads, you are required to have at least one Panther with your pack because of the large groups of bandits in the surrounding areas that want to disrupt the status quo. However, there is no guarantee that your Panther agrees with the open trading policy. Zilon once cut through present day Winott and Spleet back before the High Warden's rule.


Lord Verglor Fritze controls Tregor and is rarely seen. Twice a cycle he shows himself to allay rumors of his demise. His last known battle was Lemgar's Lunge. He has delegates who speak for him, though at times some have been caught doing their own will, not Lord Fritze's. Such delegates are punished by public execution. Lord Benock has no effect on the Panthers of Tregor. They don't think of him unless they are traveling through his lands. The High Warden is respected because of her vision to bring true balance.


Lemgar is still run by the Lemgar family mainly because they don't have any more wars on their borders. The region was named from its last battle, Lemgar's Lunge, named after the Baron who drove back the Crocodile hoard. The Otters expanded Winott during the war, and the Eagles slowly took the rest of Spleet back while the Panthers were still fighting. The Panthers allowed this because the Eagles were allies to the Panthers once again, and fighting on two fronts was not possible. Lemgar is a Panther-controlled region, but even most Panthers don't think about it. The region is considered more of a place to stay at a tavern before heading to Winott, or somewhere to go when you did something stupid in Spleet. Lemgar is too hot and bright as well as foggy and misty in the morning, making it hard to see early in the day. The air is humid and makes the fur feel sticky and damp. No one has challenged the Lemgar family because of these conditions and because their family line is so strong and numerous. Lemgar is the only Panther region with high skill in aquatics due to its proximity to water.


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